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The Tolman Collection



The Tolman Collection



元米国外交官であった創業者ノーマン トールマンは日本の現代版画に魅せられ収集をするようになったことがきっかけで画廊を開くことになった。それ以降、日本の美を海外の幅広い分野に紹介をしてきた。創業50年を超えた今でも若い作家の取り扱いを少しづつ増やしプロモーションをしているが、今まで大事に育て上げた作家も今では世界の名だたる美術館に収蔵されている。世界に誇れる日本のアートを皆様にご覧いただきたく存じます。

The founder of The Tolman Collection, Norman H. Tolman was struck with the beauty of Modern Japanese graphic art and began to collect during his career as an American diplomat. After he left Foreign Service, he and his wife became art dealers in Tokyo. They introduced these beautiful forms of Japanese prints to a global audience. The Tolman Collection is celebrating its 50th year, promoting many artists whose works are collected by renowned museums and now handles the works by emerging artists too. We hope art collectors here will come to see what we have been showing the rest of the world for many decades.



Anjin Abe


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