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Sho plus 1




Sho + 1 was reincarnated as a consequent project of Galerie Sho Contemporary Art in August 2017. We aim to carry out our activity in concept of pop art by focusing from first-rate works by contemporary masters to superb crops by young and mid-career artists within both unique exhibitions at our gallery space and domestic and international art fairs. Our gallery director has a nearly 40 years career to meet various collectors’ demands, especially with the professional expertise inside of broad ranging artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Furthermore, we have released the variety of collaboration projects with both domestic and international photographers such as Helmut Newton, Bettina Rheims, Naoki Kimura, and Mitsuru Sakurai. Our recent adventure goes for an interactive gallery in order to promote our artists by fluttering into the global development as well as to launch multiple projects with those who get involved deeply with the field of fine art.


フィリップ・コルバート / ロドニー・アラン・グリーンブラット / 大塚澪音 / ダニー・フロウンフェルター / クリス・オースティン / ビリー・ボージャード / レベッカ(ベッキー)・クビカ / ケリー・ストーン / 佐藤ブライアン勝彦 / ラメルジー / ロッカクアヤコ / パブロ・ルイズ・ピカソ / アルベルト・ジャコメッティ

Philip Colbert / Rodney Alan Greenblat / Reon Otsuka / Danny Frownfelter / Chris Austin / Billy Borgerd / Rebecca (Becky) Kubica / Kelly Stone / Katsuhiko Brian Sato / Rammellzee / Ayako Rokkaku / Pablo Ruiz Picasso / Alberto Giacometti


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