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MU GALLERYは日本最大級のギャラリーコンプレックスである東京天王洲のTERRADA ART COMPLEXⅡの2階にあり、2021年7月にオープンしました。天井高5メートルのギャラリーでは日本そして海外で活躍する現代アート作家の作品を1カ月に1回展示販売しています。また日本に限らず海外のアートフェアにも積極的に参加しています。取扱作家は10年未満の若い作家が主で、私達は共に成長していきたいと願っています。

MU GALLERY is located in one of the largest gallery complexes in Japan .
MU GALLERY, contemporary art gallery, opened in July 2021 on the 2nd floor of TERRADA ART COMPLEX II located in Tennozu, Tokyo.
The gallery space with a ceiling height of 5 meters exhibits works by contemporary artists active in Japan and abroad.
Once a month we hold an exhibition of Japanese artists.
And we actively participate in art fairs not only in Japan but also overseas.
We've been open less than two years, but we're working hard to focus on artists with growth potential.
The artist is a young artist or has been an artist for less than 10 years.
We want to grow together with artists and actively expanding the contemporary art market.


SHETA / ayaka nakamura / 吉田悠太

SHETA / ayaka nakamura / Yuta Yoshida


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