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gallery UG



2001年設立。gallery UGはアートギャラリーとして成長し、若手アーティストの発掘・育成に力を入れ、
現代アートシーンのさらなる充実と拡大を目指しています。2020年に2号店を品川 天王洲にオープン。
現在のアート界を代表するギャラリーが集うテラダアートコンプレックスⅡの一角を担い、同時に共同アトリエ「Studio MOKU」をオープン。

Established in 2001, gallery UG has grown into an art gallery that places emphasis on discovering and nurturing young artists, while cherishing to develop a close
relationship with them. As of 2022, we represent around 20 exclusive artists who showcase a wide range of works, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional pieces.
Since 2008, we have not only been actively involved in the Japanese art scene but have also been dedicated to promoting our exclusive artists overseas.
We aim to further enrich and expand the contemporary art scene by proposing ways of thinking and positioning ourselves as a gallery, and to create opportunities to disseminate our artists to the world by understanding their artistic process and works well.
In 2020, we opened our second branch in Tennoz, Shinagawa, becoming part of the renowned Terada Art Complex II, where the leading galleries in the contemporary art world gather.
Simultaneously, we opened a shared atelier called "Studio MOKU."
We aim to increase opportunities for art itself, artists, and society to have better communication. We also provide an environment for artists to continue their creative pursuits, offer materials, and act as a publisher for editioned works, among other activities, to help their works gain international recognition.
Moving forward, we will continue to collaborate closely with artists and strive for greater heights in utilizing art.



Kunihiko Nohara


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