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Gallery OUT of PLACE



Gallery OUT of PLACE



Gallery OUT of PLACE は、2005年春に奈良市の中心にオープンし、国内外で活躍する作家を定期的に紹介する現代アートギャラリーです。
ギャラリー名の OUT of PLACE は、エドワード・サイードの同名自叙伝が由来になっています。

Gallery OUT of PLACE opened in the centre of Nara City in spring 2005,
It is a contemporary art gallery that regularly introduces artists active in Japan and abroad.
The gallery aims to provide an opportunity for the general public as well as art professionals
to enjoy the exhibitions and at the same time to purchase high quality works of art,
The gallery's name, OUT of PLACE, is derived from Edward Said's autobiography of the same name.
We hope to emulate Said's idea that it is those who have no sense of belonging anywhere
who can create new paths and new values, and we hope to expand the base of art from Nara.


上須元徳 / 江上里絵子 / 赤井正人

Motonori Uwasu / Rieko Egami / Masato Akai


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