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Gajah Gallery



Gajah Gallery


シンガポール / ジャカルタ / ジョグジャカルタ

Singapore / Jakarta / Yogyakarta

Since 1996, Gajah Gallery has been a pioneering body in the Southeast Asian arts scene, representing a portfolio of the region’s leading artists as well as engaging the brightest emerging talents in contemporary art today. From humble beginnings in Singapore at Monk’s Hill, the Gallery has since expanded to a huge, beautifully-designed industrial warehouse space in Tanjong Pagar, and opened a second exhibition space in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Gallery also runs a collaborative platform and exhibition house, in the thriving arts city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Each of these spaces are fuelled with a unique atmosphere, that invites an interplay of contemporary aesthetics and critical discourse.

Gajah Gallery remains dedicated to promoting artists from the region and highlighting their international relevance. Over the years the gallery has built a legacy of initiatives such as re-invigorating academic contributions to the category of Indonesian art and history, creating landmark shows such as Lokanat: Ground Zero which travelled to Yangon, Intersections: Latin American and Southeast Asian Contemporary Art which travelled to Havana, Cuba and the founding of art institute Yogya Art Lab (YAL). Through significant collaborations with Singapore Art Museum (SAM), National University of Singapore Museum, and hosting at least five spectacular exhibitions each year, Gajah Gallery cements its commitment to supporting leading artists and nurturing emerging international talent, ensuring our content is as compelling as our curatorial concepts.


Erizal As / Fadilah Karim / Fika Ria Santika / Kayleigh Goh / Rosit Mulyadi / Uji Hahan Handoko Saputro / Yunizar


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