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Tanimatsuya Toda



大名茶人として名高い出雲国松江藩主・松平不昧公や、 近代屈指の好寄者である藤田傳三郎、平瀬露香の出入り道具商となり、現在に至る。現代陶芸、現代美術も取り扱い、新旧を取り合わせた茶陶の世界を提案している。

TANIMATSUYA TODA SHOTEN has been a tea ceremony utensil merchant since the middle of the Edo period.
The shop became a supplier to Matsudaira Fumai, lord of the Matsue domain in Izumo Province, a renowned tea master and art collector, and most currently to Denzaburo Fujita and Roko Hirase, two of the most prominent tea ceremony donors of the modern era. TANIMATSUYA TODA features not only old utensils but also works by contemporary artists who are strive to create art that contends with the classics.


常滑三筋壺 / 渥美蓮弁文壺 / 渥美魚彫紋大壺 / 珠州四耳壺 / 古信楽大壺 / 他

"Three-ring Pattern" Jar, Tokoname ware / Jar with Lotus petals Design, Atsumi ware / Jar with Fish Design, Atsumi ware / Four-lugged Jar, Suz / Jar, Shigaraki ware


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