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Galerie Taménaga

東京 / パリ / 大阪 / 京都

Tokyo / Paris / Osaka / Kyoto


Galerie Tamenaga was founded in 1969 in Tokyo as the first art gallery specialising in the European masters and we are extremely proud to mark the 50th anniversary, which is a significant milestone in our journey.
Throughout the last half century, we introduced Modern European masters to Japanese art market, and we continuously fostered the young talented artists and presented to collectors from four corners of the worlds.
After establishing the foundation in Japan and France, we have expanded our scope further to the USA and Asia to become the bridge between culture, mind and arts likewise in this globalised world.
When art is utilised as an instrument for a money game in recent years, Galerie Tamenaga will remain as a platform to deliver the finest art that will touch the heart of people as how an art gallery is ought to be.


Kyosuke TCHINAI / Takehiko SUGAWARA / Daiya YAMAMOTO / Arata HIGUCHI

智内兄助 / 菅原健彦 / 山本大也 / 樋口新


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